A Polarized Society

If one is asked to put a finger on the most critical challenge facing the country, one might fluctuate between population, education, corruption or poverty. While these might be the obvious subjects of scrutiny, the underlying cause of concern that should not be missed is the ill famed tendency ie non-congruence of opinions of individuals. … More A Polarized Society

Demystifying Religion

The Eternal Questions A question that bugs everyone is why, how and when this universe was created. Another one is on the emergence and progression of life. How was life enriched to the advanced stage of intellect and health, as it is seen now? What is our role in this universe? Are we expected to … More Demystifying Religion

Language – A Double Edged Sword

Language, while it acts as a great binder of people, could turn out to be a very pitiful dis-integrator of the society. For example, the ancient Greeks isolated those who did not use intelligible language as uncivilized groups. Since languages characterize people, and that leads to fragmentation, it might be worthwhile giving regional languages a backseat and … More Language – A Double Edged Sword