On Line Education

The world is moving on and we too. India introduced information technology (IT – computers and internet) in governance and is now pressing the throttle on it. IT is already a mission critical enabler in the corporate sector. Therefore, its limping status in the world of education, particularly in the rural areas is a bit … More On Line Education

The Education Policy

Policy is the statement by the regulatory body or ministry of the government for use by all and sundry. It should be implementable, checkable and devoid of the need to revise frequently. In the absence of strict monitoring mechanisms, even the best of polices would lie dormant. It should direct the education system for the … More The Education Policy

Language – A Double Edged Sword

Language, while it acts as a great binder of people, could turn out to be a very pitiful dis-integrator of the society. For example, the ancient Greeks isolated those who did not use intelligible language as uncivilized groups. Since languages characterize people, and that leads to fragmentation, it might be worthwhile giving regional languages a backseat and … More Language – A Double Edged Sword