Fingertip Advertising

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Advertise for Branding and Trending

  • Do not waste time on posting everyday on facebook groups; no one reads your ads
  • Repeated posts are ignored or hidden at sight
  • Be selective and pricey; make them to pull your ads
  • Optimize your reach globally without efforts
  • Make use of Fingertip’s perpetual posting on pages
  • Enjoy the weekly broadcasts by Fingertip without moving a finger
  • Utilize the saved time for productive work in the real world with near and dear ones
  • Get away from the virtual world

Reach out to about 15,000 real and active readers without making efforts

  • Facebook          25 relevant groups connected
  • Facebook          1200 active reader accounts connected
  • Linkedin            3525 active accounts in a group administered by Fingertip
  • Linkedin             9 large groups connected with estimated more than 4500 readers
  • Twitter               120 followers and growing
  • WordPress         Estimated 600 followers of 2 active sites
  • Google+             Estimated 400 direct followers
  • Gmail                 2500 accounts segmented into 12 groups
  • Yahoo                300 connected accounts
  • Pinterest            120 followers
  • Stumble Upon   25 followers

Just send us your links if you have, otherwise, we will design the ad for free

Ads are hosted on Rental Basis

Hosting Rates

  • 1 Month hosting – 4 broadcasts, one per week Rs 500
  • 1 Quarter hosting – 12 broadcasts, one per week Rs 1200

Web Sites added recently

Fashion Accessories

Botanic Dublin

Fashion Unusual – Hosting from Ireland






Facebook Pages linked recently

Tulika – Art for Vibrations


5 thoughts on “Fingertip Advertising

  1. I note that is already held by retsors.ut.Hawever, I found that was not held and have purchased it.Let me know if you want to do any really, and I mean REALLY, serious with it.

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    • I have been commenting your blog by using my address … wordpress/mikerana … but I have changed this email address and also there is a new mysite. So if you want to receive further my comments it will be a better option to register with
      … using the button subscribe to blog … on the extreme right side of the new site.

      Otherwise we might miss each other’s contact


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