About Fingertip Magazine

5f99a3d9df25b9b5ceabdd302bce1f5fFingertip on Things, an interactive free e-magazine



Paper version – Once in 6 months



  1. eFingertip is an interactive e-magazine promoting personal and product brands
  2. It is a hub center for important bloggers and sites.
  3. It provides selected news, views, opinions that are of interest to our following
  4. It captures the changing trends and distributes that information to our readers
  5. It establishes own authors for articles and stories under the sub-site eFingertip books
  6. The guidelines for publishing articles and stories are given Here Guidelines
  7. It is a forum for editing manuscripts and for reviewing published books. Arrangements can be made for publishing the manuscripts.
  8. The guidelines for eFingertip reviews are given Here Guidelines
  9. Articles, stories and reviews published here are available for search by you or by the international search engines.
  10. It provides useful links to selected governmental, tourism and news websites as well as to the leading e-magazines of international recognition.
  11. You can listen to eFingertip recommended music on you-tube channel  Jyotsna Music Channel in a number of playlists of eternal popularity
  12. Sellers can advertise their pages or sites on eFingertip site
  13. eFingertip fast track workshops bring you up to date with the latest in social networking and optimizing your reach for personal connections as well as for sales and marketing related activities.


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