My Books

These books were written with an assumption that they will go out of circulation as the times change and the politics matures. I am glad that this did not happen for the last  5 years,  and we need these books more than ever now. But I am not happy that the politics didn’t  mature.

When Narendra Modi, the current Indian Prime Minister released his election manifesto in 2014, just a couple of months after my second book was released I was pleasantly enamored that his election document was the elixir extract of these two books. I approached the support team of the political party; Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) to verify. And they thanked mMikeAWW3e for the ideas. Now we see a few implementations like the improvement in Indian villages and the cleanliness campaign.

Yet, I have to add that things are not going in the right direction. The campaign is shifting towards the fake display of bringing in cleanliness. The propaganda that aspirant leaders are sweeping dirty locations. Are we Indians, going to have two faces forever, is the question that comes to my mind. Are we going to witness similar superficial displays for the other campaigns like bank accounts for the villages, or housing for all? Hundreds of thousands of badly constructed and highly priced flats are awaiting purchase, and we cry for lack of housing !

The questions that you and I should be asking are, whether the government plans to support the cleanliness campaign by building the infrastructure for garbage collection and disposal, or if the government will tackle the real estate mafia by suitably amending the law. We need to ask them if the return of black money is held up for the removal of criminals and suspects from the parliament or ministries?

How will the PM cleanse his surroundings, and still remain in power? He is also threatened by the collusion of all the other political parties and political rumbling. Yes, he can if we all support him …

But now a new problem has arisen. GST is being collected from people on the arguments that the money that grows in the government coffers will be used for waving off the farmer’s loans or supplementing their subsidies, but don’t you think that this is a ploy to generate more money for the parliamentarians and the mafia corporates  …  Sad