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    • Juanita, I like the way you framed your comment. Ian Miller liked my blog and stated it was like Charles Dickens, trying to reform the society. Our society will support my views I know, but the difficulty is how to reach out to them.

      I do not know how many topics you read, but there are 21 chapters in the book and each chapter can be split into at least 3 good blogs.

      Thank you Juanita .. Only one mistake ? That boosts my morale


    • Juanita, You perhaps read about the book only. On the right pane you can see the list of topics included on this site. You can click on them and for commenting, click on the bubble on the right of the heading


  1. From what I have read, it all looks good, for the people of India and their future. I am sorry to say I know very little about the struggles in India. However, you have enlightened me so that I understand a little more about why you wrote this. You have a lot of courage. I hope you will have the following necessary to bring the kind of reform that is needed. Some of your topics can relate to our system especially in the school systems. Being a substitute teacher and paraprofessional in the elementary school of a small town, I can see similarities. I hope you can remain to be the catalyst to bring about the changes necessary. Thank you for letting me read your book. Nita Couch, U. S. A..

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    • Sorry I ignored this comment for along time. Thanks for encouraging me. There is a limit to one’s patience and if the systems are marred from behaving by the politicians one gets weakened in the soul. Hope some others will take up the issues listed in the book …


  2. The efforts of Rana is very good and encouraging. The main problem of our country is that we have become slaves of media and also communal issues. If you arrest a minority, you are going to lose your vote bank and the media will be after you. Any wrong report on Modi will be published as head line immediately. A hindu marries a muslim boy inveriably becomes a Muslim, but not vice versa.A good administrator like Nitish Kumar feels if he supports Mr Narendra Modi, he will lose his vote bank .We just cannot afford to have more than three national parties and nil regional parties, if we want to survive and have a strong government for good governance. If Modi is next priminister with allies like Jaya Lalita, he will fail miserably to govern the way he wants.A single government at the center can only reduce the corruption to some extent.

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  3. Youngsters do give us brilliant ideas. A newly married couple read the book A Citizen’s Manifesto and remarked that this book may be the underlying current for a citizen’s movement that can gain momentum in the youth of the country. ‘Till now I was confused as to which direction we must take to tackle country’s natural problems, and its created problems. The book gives at least the direction in which we must go’.
    They even went to the extent of suggesting that Amir Khan should take up the cause because he is accepted and respected by the youth as a clean person. Now I do not have any links with this wonderful actor, and even if he agrees to take up the campaign I do not have the money to pay his fees.

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  4. The book “A Citizen’s manifesto”, by Mike Rana, comes at a time when, the world over, citizens are getting more involved in understanding, and taking corrective measures for changing, all that which is wrong with their society, government and the institutions around them.

    It is not that we are not aware of, or conscious about, what is wrong around us. Most of us are aware and can even think of solutions for our problems. However, as a Nation and as a people, by and large, we are more happy being prescriptive, and argumentative, than being proactive and dynamic, when the time for real action comes.

    Mike Rana looks at these, and many other issues, concerning our country, without any prism of “ism” or any political baggage colouring his perspective or prescriptions. His presentation of issues, as also of solutions, is detached yet objective, sensitive yet practical. He combines, in his perspectives, the rationality of a modern, scientific intellect and the sensitivity of a simple, earthy common man .While he does not wish away the “Mahanagars”(where he is himself),he is all for their co-existence with the “Mahagrams” if India is to be recognized as the best example of inclusive growth in times to come.

    Many of Mike’s suggestions/recommendations may appear to be out-of the box but those are all well intentioned and with proper execution, may even bring about the desired solutions to the problems..

    A Citizen’s Manifesto” in a sense articulates what most of us may have felt but not expressed openly. What Mike Rana is leading us to is to think that the time for discussions and arguments is over,it is now time for all of us- conscientious citizens of both India and Bharat- to stop waiting and start doing what is required to take India to the pride of place amongst the community of Nations in our world..

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