Conservatism in Indian Army

It is an often repeated truism that militaries are conservative by nature. According to popular perception, conservatism has two connotations. One, it shows belief in the value of established and traditional practices, considering them to be sacrosanct and essential for the continued sustaining of the organisation.

Utter Chaos

All around the world, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Hong Kong and many other countries and cities, the rulers or the opposition is ushering in reigns of terror. many people have died, tortured, rendered homeless and so on. Who is the intermediate gainer and who the ultimate ? Who will set these things to … More Utter Chaos

The #Election Tsunami

Whatever might have been the criteria for choosing a candidate in the recently held elections, one cannot disregard the impact that the diversionary speeches of the leaders made on the electorate. The congress led government had amply softened the battlefield by their stagnated governance, policy paralysis and erosion of the law enforcement processes. Any pep … More The #Election Tsunami

Open Letter 2 to Arvind Kejriwal – To Do List

Dear Arvind Ji, The social media is overflowing with the advice that you must quickly execute your election promises, and show concrete results. Unlike the others, I do not feel that you are ignoring those commitments. While pressures may come on you from the Congress and BJP that this is the aspect of utmost importance, … More Open Letter 2 to Arvind Kejriwal – To Do List