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Dalian – An Inimitable Zoo

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Source: Dalian – An Inimitable Zoo

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This is the second article in the series…

This is the second article in the series China – Dalian. Please find the time to read it but also please put your comments on the WordPress site. The photos … Continue reading

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Software that is trending now

Sites that you cannot miss People who want to join the current IT space must know at least one of them

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This is what #efingertip calls fashion

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This is what efingertip calls fashion e fingertip View original post

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Writing about Malaysia and Singapore

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Source: Writing about Malaysia and Singapore

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Workshop – Optimizing reach on Social Networks

Workshop – Optimizing reach on Social Networks.

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The Competing Lawlessness

Competing the lawnessness.

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Adulteration – The mess that we are in

Contamination, adulteration and pollution are three legs of the spider that spins cobwebs of our helplessness towards health and survival. Can we deal with them?

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Conservatism in Indian Army

It is an often repeated truism that militaries are conservative by nature. According to popular perception, conservatism has two connotations. One, it shows belief in the value of established and … Continue reading

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One of the Model Villages

A Great Village  

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