Open Letter 2 to Arvind Kejriwal – To Do List

thDear Arvind Ji,

The social media is overflowing with the advice that you must quickly execute your election promises, and show concrete results. Unlike the others, I do not feel that you are ignoring those commitments.

While pressures may come on you from the Congress and BJP that this is the aspect of utmost importance, the fundamental question in my mind is, ‘why does the congress spend sleepless nights, to ensure that YOU will meet success, as they state’. ‘We are not withdrawing support, even though you are doing everything wrong, and doing it illegally and foolishly, because we want you to succeed.’ What a noble gesture indeed …And they want the public to be taken in by that argument.

Sir, these are all hot and cold techniques to un-nerve you and distract you from your mission, which is certainly the fulfillment of your promises. They want to consume your quality time is spent in red herrings. And the media, I do not know from where they dig out the so called experts, who will go miles to find arguments against whatever you might be doing or saying, or in whatever manner you may be so doing. How I wish the anchor could tone down his voice and make the discussions audible.

Here is the strategy of how I think you should be proceeding

  • Split your thoughts in two categories, the fire-fighting actions that will show results in about a month, and the long term ones for which you must initiate irretrievable steps, for example plan approvals, allocations of funds and resources, and establishing monitoring mechanisms. Formalize these executive actions by putting signatures on files. Carry the executive with you on these aspects.
  • Establish a communication mechanism. Set up a group that works on the content, and another one that ensures that communications are taking place both ways; between the public and the government. If required a large customer relationship management (CRM) software may be procured and implemented quickly. The system must be capable of broadcasting on the social media, as well as capturing the information that people are contributing; of course acknowledging whatever they submit.
  • Currently a large number of AAP Facebook pages are in the air. No one knows which one of them is the official one, and where we can get the most authentic information about your thoughts and actions. It is necessary to clear out this mess and come out with an official site, or two. As example, please see the sites operated by the newspaper companies, where news and opinions are clearly separated and people need to login with authenticity to make comments. Only a few trustworthy ones are allowed to write blogs.
  • In line with the concept of Remodelled Socialism, elaborated in my book ‘A wonderful world – Dreams & Reality 325 pages’, please establish civil societies and groups that will participate actively in governance. Please note that I am not referring to the think tanks that help you drafting white papers but those who will lend execution support to the governance. This must be done formally; if required by executing an ordinance. These are mentors and helpers, probably given a share from the profits they bring in, but they are not auditors, snoopers or spies. A viable group, as an example, can be that handles your communication systems.
  • A crash course is required for all the MLA, including the ministers, and the party spokespersons, about how to conduct themselves in the public or in front of the media. The same applies to election speeches. Mannerisms, body language and facial expressions must be rehearsed.
  • What needs to be highlighted in the talks and speeches is what the party proposes to do, without making explicit commitments and without speaking much against the opposition. AAP must appear to the public as a party that is not distracted by the opposition and it focuses on its own agenda, which is of course adequately modulated by the citizens. The people participation should be evident and lucid in your thoughts, proposals and actions on the election podiums.

Arvind Ji, we will never get another chance to have an honest person like you, on the horizon of politics. This is our only chance to make it happen, and we should not fritter it away by irresponsible muttering or actions. We need to hold the current downtrend in popularity that is seeping in due to enhanced propaganda by the others. No one denies that your team is a great collection, but we need perhaps more people and more wisdom. And we request you to listen to the suggestions of people whom you trust.

Here is a form that can be used for collection of data on experts

Hand Shake


11 thoughts on “Open Letter 2 to Arvind Kejriwal – To Do List

  1. My take is that Arvind is guided more by the heart than by the brain He is highly emotional, impulsive and unreasonably radical. There appears to be lack of cohesion and team mentality between hims and Ministers and amongst the Ministers. Not all people are corrupt and even under the current system, there cannot be a bribe seeker, unless there are bribe giver. Most of corruption at the lower level is driven by the furry of seeking favours by the people from the authority. We do not want to wait in the queue to get our work done. We are in a hurry and seek the help of touts in all public Office. If Arvind and his team implements the existing Citizen’s Charter with or without modification, expand the area of Faceless Administration (in the area of On Line Services), bulk of corruption can be curtailed. But at the same time, he need to concentrate on “How to improve the Efficiency of Administration”. You curb the corruption, and the officials stop working will be counter productive. The punctuality and strict adherence of ‘Citizen’s Charter’ should be enforced strictly. The other area which should be looked into priority is to control time and cost overrun in the Projects in work. If DMRC can accomplish Project Completion within time, then why not other Projects of Delhi? Shiela Dixit was defeated also for the inefficiency of MCDs. AK need to devise a mechanism where the State Government can catalyse to improve the efficiency of MCDs.


    • Dear Sughosh,

      You are right about his immaturity. Last evening I saw the reverse of it in the hangout with Yogendra Yadav. He was too slow to speak and his answers were hazy. None of them is talking explicitly …  In my opinion the On-Line administration requires a strong Social Security System database, since that is the primary data for use. The Aadhar card are very dubious and not dependable. even PC mentioned that. 

      To help them all I am working on a fool proof system, and I will place the design on the blog soon    


  2. Arvind Kejriwal seems to be an honest person. His intentions seem to be very genuine in bringing the change and improvements. Unfortunately, he and his team is yet not well experienced like BJP & UPA who have not been able to win the confidence and have lost the elections. Opposition has not liked the success of Kejriwal and is bent on creating difficulties for him. How can one expect to bring all the improvements in a few days which he promissed and which his predecessors could not bring in years. Arwind does not have ALLADIN’S LAMP to change everything in a moment., We should give some time by exhibiting some patience. The Rome was not built in a day. I am sure with his honest intentions,hard work and suggestions from experienced people, he would be able to bring the desired change and improvements making Delhi and our Country a better place to live in. I agree and would like to thank MikeRana for the above suggestions.
    DR. K.S.DANG


    • Kejiriwal must concentrate on his job and stop criticizing Congress and the BJP.He must understand that India must get a government much better than that we have under UPA.. He cannot produce a delhi like government in the center which can break at any moment. He should there fore try to help BJP to see if it can produce some result. But on his opposition to BJP. India will get a broken government as that AAP have and that will never help India’s interest.


      • I like the hope that we all have for him, and I do not like the suspicion that is floating around. knowing the character of the media and the paid news, we actually do not know what is right and what wrong. We need to wait and receive feedback from the people directly about the benefits that AK claims to have come. But if what they propagate against AK is right, Believe me we are in terrible state of affairs. It will be worse than anarchy or revolution.  


  3. Arvind Kejriwal seems to be ill advised by his own team mates. He must dismiss any MLA, who has been behaving irratically.His ambition to become the Prime Minister has to be kept in cold storage.He must look after his health first and then do other things. He has to take the media with him.
    Benu Bose


  4. Mike, I totally agree with you on this. I am ready to undertake whatever work is given to me by the party in order to contribute my 2 cents in this noble cause.
    I think we should also focus on smaller issues in every ward and get some work done. Our work will be the befitting reply to all the critics.


    • Certainly, I am almost all the time on phone talking to people, convincing them to meet Arvind and tell him to become a little bit more matured. he has good intentions but is moving with blinkers on … Let us hope he will recover. And we have to be constantly looking out for honest and matured people as well.


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