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Open Letter 1 to #Arvind Kejriwal from #Mike Rana

Mr Arvind Kejriwal (AK), the new CM of Delhi, do you have the time to read an open letter?Hand Shake


You took Delhi by storm. You presented to the people a facade of direct participation and named your party as “Aam Aadmi Party” (ordinary people party). The party was formed with people with no no specific attributes or background. Ordinary person was defined as an individual with honest and non-criminal record, regardless of how much wealth he might have held. You Sir, cleverly used the props like bringing in a welfare state, eradicating the VIP culture in the country, supplying free water, reducing the cost of electricity, enacting anti corruption bill, improving education (500 schools in the city), increasing medical care (500 hospitals), subsidizing the farmers and the like. These were precisely the attractions that communist leaders had been giving to the citizens. Sadly, though, this form of politics has failed to survive in spite of its noble intentions. Stalin, went ahead to even demolish people in order to create a new humanity. If at all, the welfare paradigm has survived only in capitalistic countries like Canada or Australia etc. People there seem to be happy and prosperous. It obviously means a country cannot hold itself without the backing of the capitalists. Almost naturally, and by compulsion, India chose the paradigm of crony capitalism. So far, it is working, though with jolts and hiccups.

  • You differed from the textbook communists, and we accepted this approach.
  • You flashed a dream of a semi-welfare state
  • You did not oppose the capitalists except for those who acquired richness by illegal means
  • You promised eradicating the menace of corruption that troubled a common man in daily life
  • You did not propose formation of a vanguard party to take care of the labor,,Instead you broke the impregnable wall that separates the rulers from the ruled

You caught the fancy of the people, particularly those who were concerned about the social and political situation in the country. Amazingly, the youth noticed your crusade and you succeeded to become an unprecedented Indian Chief Minister who refused to be anyone other than an ordinary man. You refused security, dispensed with the vanity lights on the car, the traditionally assigned large bungalow and other perks. You will be remembered in history as an icon of a perfect leader.

Isn’t it amazing that this had to happen in the capital city of India, which is presently the hub of activities for the general elections in May-2014. It made waves in the minds of people but created turmoil in the political think tanks of the other parties They are all pondering over the paradigm they must adopt to appease the people who have experienced the good side of politics.cropped-frontcover-12.jpg


Mr Chief Minister, governance is not be a bed of roses; this is well known, but the fear is that you may turn it into a fireplace. By the way, why are the traditional communist factions in the country not supporting you? Are they jealous, fearful of their own standing or they are unconvinced about your approach? Do they sense failure?

Even if we grant you the miraculous win that you administered, here are some blunders that you made and prudence suggests that these must be mended:

  • There was absolutely no need to commit on numbers like 700 litres of free water, or dates that within 15 days the anti-corruption “Lokpal” bill for the Delhi state would be enacted. People would have sensed your initiatives and granted you at least 65 days; they accommodated the previous governments for 65 years. They suffered but they did not question them at all. So why would they have questioned you?
  • The removal of vanity lights or flags is a decent step but you should have highlighted that this is being done to ease the city traffic woes, and to reduce government expenditure on mobile security
  • There is no logic in refusing the security of the z-class, which all other VIPs, including some corporate magnates, enjoy. You or your colleagues’ lives are no longer personal. They are owned by the citizens now, and you have no right to betray them by falling prey to a crafted accident or a terror attack. In addition, you have a mission to complete.
  • By delving into unnecessary detail about the residential accommodation, you have opened a Pandora box of conflicts. The opposition will twist and turn your statements in the direction that suits them. No one on earth expects the ministers and the Chief Minister, to live in a two or 3-room apartment when they are expected to conduct public meetings at home. They have to hold protocol governed functions and events in their offices or even homes. Please do not take it as VIP culture; it is mandatory to hold these meetings.
  • The free flowing statements and commitments that come from the CM or the ministers are no doubt reassuring but too many of them and too frequently, are counterproductive. They raise a suspicion that the whole act is a drama, enacted to foster public support for the national election, which is of a much bigger volume and effort.
  • There was no need to tell the voters that you will not take support from the others. You should have used the word “other”, without naming a party. Is the country not accustomed to coalition, alliance and the changing fidelity? Moreover, when others ridicule you on the alliance that you entered into, probably necessitated by the needs of the others, the simple answer is, “the time is here for coalition government”. This is what all the others say.

These are petty and mundane issues unworthy of your personal attention, except that your generals must be cautioned for not repeating these mistakes for the future elections.

An articulate spokesperson or two must be appointed to stop the buck. They should be drenched in your core policies so that they neither falter nor contradict, while making statements or answering media questions. They would be the protecting wall between your ministers who are still in the learning process, and the seasoned opposition who is well versed in playing the blame game. They should be exposed to the media only progressively, only as they gain confidence.

We all sense the deficit of professionals in your core team, particularly for the larger perspective of the national politics and elections. You have a few but you need at least 30 or 40 party positions more. People are required for selecting the candidates, managing the project management office, preparing manifestos, managing the databases of people, establishing systems and procedures that are efficient and error proof, etc. In addition, seasoned mentors are required for training the new entrants on the party policies. Mesers Yogendra Yadav, Prashant Bhushan, Kumar Vishwash and Sanjay Singh will have to think. Sir, you need both thinkers, and executors.

AAP can certainly bid for the Lok Sabha

Should AAP go in with full throttle for the national elections or not, is a question for another discussion, but certainly, it should obtain dominance in a few states. Should Arvind Kejriwal pit himself directly against Narendra Modi or Rahul Gandhi, is probably a premature debate. The main worry is of being complacent that Delhi results would be repeated in other states. However the golden rule here is, to show your work in Delhi, before the month of May-2014 by prioritizing the activities that will show an impact on the daily life of the citizens of Delhi. Then, there will be a chance.103480 A Citizen's Manifesto - Hard cover - Mike Rana-1

Remodeled Socialism

Here is a suggestion about how execution of tasks must be conducted and what political paradigm goes with it. In my second book, “A wonderful world – Dreams and Reality (2014-325 pages),” the concept of remodeled socialism has been defined and elaborated. This is a prudent concept that lies somewhere between socialism and crony-capitalism.

Remodeled socialism is a proposal that allows the present day crony-capitalism to co-exist officially with democracy. It is a clever technique of preventing crony-capitalism to flourish into comprehensive capitalism or letting it consume democracy. It acknowledges the fact that no form of governance can be sustained without the active and willing participation of the capitalists.

Remodeled Socialism entails reorientation of power circles of cronies, i.e. the nexus between politicians and capitalists, by incorporating a third collaborator, the citizens in that framework. At different levels of decision-making and work execution, capable and transparent citizens join in as partners, facilitators and counselors but not as spies, auditors or whistle blowers. The golden rule that we lay down here is that no violence should take place.

Remodeled Socialism is a revamped version of socialism, which is devoid of the ills that plagued socialism in the past. It is a mechanism, which restores the eroded communication between the people and their leaders. And it provides additional people resources for governance. But its implementation is not as easy as can be written in words. In the ideal format, an aura should be created so that the appointed executives and enshrined leaders are motivated to call in the citizen expertise and experience for the government establishments, rather than the public making this demand through demonstrations, agitations or hostile representations.

Good Luck

It is no wonder that, bewitched by the Arvind Kejriwal success, other parties have started bringing down the impregnable wall between themselves and the people; a wall that they painstakingly raised over the years. But there is a difference between what is done from the heart like the AAP, and what is motivated by fabricated flaunting as is done by the others. For example, the Citizen Durbars (gatherings) started by the others are dominated by one-way speeches, instead of the free flowing dialogue. It appears that the comparatively smaller audience is carefully picked to ensure that awkward questions are not asked; only planted questions are allowed, and the justification for the scanty attendances is security. The z-category security ensures the leader does not come in contact with the people, which is its original purpose. When the leaders visit the poor at night, the camera is not on the people but on the leader. AK’s words amply explain this difference. “Hamari Niyat Theek hai, ” our intentions are noble and theirs are not. Undoubtedly, AK is on a mission, ‘catch me if you can’.

We have to wait and watch how AK converts his present strategy of leftist participatory democracy, towards remodeled socialism. Will the capitalists of the country or the world, permit him realization of this dream? AK will be well advised to shift the gears from direct participation of Aam Aadmi to formalized participation of honest and diligent experts in governance. The middle class of the urban areas will follow you if you demonstrate quality governance. The rural areas will flock behind you if show allegiance to their cause as an Aam Aadmi.

Hand Shake


23 comments on “Open Letter 1 to #Arvind Kejriwal from #Mike Rana

  1. Abhay Bhushan
    January 25, 2014

    Mike, Your blog was good for most part in VOWs and Good Luck. However as the truth is coming out, it seems that the OOPS you allude to may in fact be good points and not blunders, as suggested below.

    1. On free water and price cut for electricity up to a certain amount is brilliant:

    i. AAP has said they would review the amount after getting all facts, while providing immediate relief

    ii. this action promotes immediate conservation steps.

    iii. More disposable income to middle class and poor will stimulate Delhi Economy.

    iv. Impact on budget (60 crores or so) is small and very manageable in Delhi (compare it to 2500 crore Sardar Patel statue in Gujarat, 300 crore Mayavati statues in UP, etc, which does nothing for people or economy)

    v) On subsidies as populist, no one talks about the hundreds of crores of subsidized land lease to Delhi Golf Club amounting to tens of lakhs per member. The media just talks about the paltry sum that go to the poor to make their life easier, and in fact help the economy and education of their children.

    2. On vanity light issue,
    Both traffic woes and simplicity were highlighted, so there was no blunder, and this not qualify even as a small omission let alone a blunder.

    3. On security issue, IMHO this is a plus not a blunder:

    i) Is it security or vanity? Does it really help security? In US except for President, Governors, congressmen, senators do not have this. Indira Gandhi’s own bodyguards shot her. Kennedy was assassinated despite top security, and Reagan and Ford were shot but survived.

    ii) Do security forces and bodyguards enhance security, or not having these make it safer? There is no clear cut answer. If you don’t have security, it is not a challenge, opposition does not want to make you a martyr (RSS was banned after Gandhi’s assassination by Sardar patel). People protect you. IMHO this is a wash. In any case plainclothes security is better, and every citizen should have security.

    iii) Visible security and squad cars prevent you from mingling with people, and keeps leaders distant and aloof.

    4. On residence issue, this is good to set a simplicity tone.

    i) The opposition and media would pounce on anything, 5 Br with adjoining office flat is too much, etc..

    ii) So any reasonable accommodations would be fine. it is tone setting of every one getting acre plus residences in Delhi (BTW, in US Congressmen and senators have to rent their own residences).

    iii) Jerry Brown, Governor (like CM) of California the largest state in US, in all his three terms (1972-76, 1976-80, 2010-2014) chose a small apartment and not the Governor’s mansion, and a drove in a beatup old car rather than elaborate government vehicle, had no security) and he has been the most effective governor California has had.

    5. On Free Flowing Statements
    These are important. Non-free flowing managed, rehearsed speeches that we see from other politicians are not the answer. This is a refreshing change. Paid media will criticize anything. Don’t fall for it. Well thought out positions on every issue will be coming out, like the Delhi manifesto for AAP. Also official statement on party positions will be made. Having said that, it is good to be cautious in this election season when opposition as you said is well versed in playing the blame game aided by the paid media.

    The core team is being strengthened every day as new and brilliant people join AAP. So have patience.

    Remodeled Socialism:
    AAP is coming with a practical policy that works, comprising where socialism works and where capitalism works. Each have a place. This is a good approach. You can provide your input.

    On Lok Sabha Bid
    The common man, believe it or not, seems to see through the tricks being played by rivals and pumped by media. For example, when I discussed the infamous “sting” which was overplayed by the media, with people in the Delhi Jhuggis, Jhopris and smaller quarters and the common people on the street, they had seen the sting on TV, but rightly come to the conclusion that this was a trick, as their heart was with AAP. On the other hand the more educated people in middle class seem to be falling for this propaganda. It should have been the other way around. I can’t quite explain it. Perhaps the educated read too much and analyze too much and use their head (which is more influenced by propaganda) than the heart which goes on gut feel and instincts. The common man seems to have a sixth sense as to who is sincere and who is working for their interests.

    I hope this trend continues, and the common man keeps faith in Aam Aadmi Party which is looking out for the interest of the masses, rooting out corruption, making them breathe easier, and bringing a little power to them. They can see how their lives are being directly helped.

    We also know that the common man votes in larger percentage in India than the middle class or the rich, who often shirk their civic duty to vote, and take the day off (election day is a holiday in India) to go on a trip, to enjoy and to see movies.

    Right now in my opinion, AAP is thriving on chaos, and growing rapidly in its own chaotic way. I have seen this in rapidly growing start-ups, where they can’t even count the revenues coming in as they are coming in so fast. Order follows the initial chaos, brings increased controls and stability but slows down expansion and innovation. So it is a trade-off. Currently, the need is to get as many people involved as AAP can. Surely mistakes will be made, and they are learning experiences. The biggest mistake is not to try, to give up before trying.

    AAP will fight the good fight. Win or lose, AAP has already made a big difference in India, and will continue to do so.

    Sure mistakes will be made, AAP will learn from them and move on. Biggest mistake is inaction and being afraid to make any mistake, which stops learning.

    Without going full steam in Lok Sabha 2014, the dream of Lok Sabha 2019 will become elusive.

    I say to AAP: Go boldly forward, full throttle!


    • mikerana
      January 25, 2014

      Dear Abhay,

      I am glad that you analysed my recommendations and enhanced them. This is exactly what we all need to do. I mean not to be distracted by the noise, and stay on course of your thoughts. As I mentioned, I am trying to put in my 2 cents, but we need to become a critical mass to see results or to have our voice heard.

      I also mentioned elsewhere, we need to boycott the TV channels in order to reduce their TRP and their bungling of the news and views.

      Thank You very much for your inputs, we need to prepare presentations .. letters will not be read by people.


    • Dear Abhay,

      I am glad that you analysed my recommendations and enhanced them. This is exactly what we all need to do. I mean not to be distracted by the noise, and stay on course of your thoughts. As I mentioned, I am trying to put in my 2 cents, but we need to become a critical mass to see results or to have our voice heard.

      I also mentioned elsewhere, we need to boycott the TV channels in order to reduce their TRP and their bungling of the news and views.

      Thank You very much for your inputs, we need to prepare presentations .. letters will not be read by people.


  2. Benu Kumar Bose
    January 22, 2014

    Kejriwal failed miserably in his attempt to force the center to suspend some police officials. His criticism to media has reduced his images in the TV media.He is slowly reaching a point of no return.


    • mikerana
      January 23, 2014

      he has ignited the country, and millions are now active on the social media. You and me are communicating because of him. Imagine if he had never arrived on the scene, what would we be doing now ?


  3. Nitish Mittal
    January 20, 2014

    Hello Mr. Rana,

    Gr8. I agree with ur views. However, I feel AK should focus on governance in Delhi. First AAP need to prove their credentials at state level before going to Lok Sabha. They can plan for upcoming elections in other states.



    • mikerana
      January 20, 2014

      Naresh Ji,

      What is governance and how it is proved.Tthere is a list of about 20 things released by Manish Sisodia about what they did in 2 weeks. Does governance mean taking a stock after 5 years and find nothing in the kitty ? We have to get used to their style of functioning, and they have to ensure that they stay away from communism and anarchy. Things today are crony-capitalism, they must move towards Remodeled Socialism .. Participation of civil societies in governance … not in law making ..

      Thank you for sending your views


    • Abraham J.Palakudy
      January 23, 2014

      Hi Nitesh and Benu Kumar,

      Media should have been ‘peoples voice’ in letter and spirit, and should have realized and supported the unique experiment in true democracy undergoing in our great country. They should not have acted as pawns in the hands of other established political parties to crush and down play the great experiments of AAP.

      AAP is not here to play ‘politics’ as other political entities are here filling democracy with. They are here to bring an end to democracy getting degenerated into mere POLITICS, ignoring people and governance. Were the entire residents of Khirki extension lying and the police was telling the truth? We all know our police force for decades, and how people-friendly they are !

      The incident gave the players of ‘politics’ a convenient weapon to tarnish the image of the minister and AAP. In politics, it is the first and foremost duty to destroy the opponent than govern the country and look after the welfare of people. Every open minded citizen must realize the above plain truth about political games, and the changed role that AAP is trying to usher-in.


      • mikerana
        January 24, 2014

        Abraham, You could not be more right. The media and the panelist they marshal are the real culprits. Can we reduce the TRP of watching them .. we are all the time seeing a distorted picture and we are hearing un-necessarily the wrong people. we need an official site of the AAP party whose content is well articulated by matured people.


      • Abraham J.Palakudy
        January 24, 2014

        Mike, I write (e.mails) to these channels every day, exposing their ‘mercenary’ like role in modern politics. Media, in their this kind of role is a greater evil than politics in the modern world. It leaves mankind and human civilization ‘orphaned’. We have a dedicated blog that describes the said evils of media institution, at link: http://mediaandcontentrelevance.blogspot.in/


      • mikerana
        January 25, 2014

        Yes of course, I will read the blog. I wrote a chapter on Media in my book.


  4. RAM
    January 20, 2014



    • mikerana
      January 20, 2014

      I agree completely with you Sir. You have the experience of fighting elections, I suggest this is the time to come in the forefront


  5. mikerana
    January 10, 2014

    Hi Angela,

    The book has been handed over by the publishers to the print shop, and it should not be long before it is released. may be by the end Jan .. There is a book show, a large one, in Feb in Delhi. Hope to see my book exhibited there.

    Corruption, Arvind Kejriwal, found a magic wand for this. Since he is sincere and willing, he has released a phone number to the public, to report corruption, and this would be followed by sting operations. Many sting gadgets have been procured and installed. People are now afraid to be caught and punished.
    Already 2000 calls have been to this phone number and already a few people have been suspended or transferred. if this goes on thins will improve.

    In essence what he has done is that he implemented implemented remodeled socialism; took the citizens in the organisation that deals with eradication of corruption. The news about crime is less because the TRP on the media channels is for the election fever.


  6. mikerana
    January 9, 2014

    The article was published by Arabian Gazette Dubai



  7. Who Cares
    January 8, 2014

    AAP is slowly and steadily becoming just another political party. Once again promises are being made which cannot be kept. Activities are being done to get votes.

    1. Promised a telephone number to call for corruption. Promised to deliver in 2 days. Changed promise (yes it happens in politics) and made it 2 weeks. 2 weeks have elapsed and no phone number and no new promise!

    2. Said that AAP will not parter with the most corrupt party (MCP) of the world. But went ahead and partnered.

    3. AAP says that it will not field a PM canidate. But choses to run Modi down. Hmmm, I wonder why? Allegiance to the MCP or self?

    …..the list goes on. I was very impressed with the AAP. But since we have no proper opposition party there is no one keeping a track of all the lies AAP is spitting about. Kedriwal is looking more and more like a great con-man. I was hoping AAP will be the party which will finally resolve the cancer the MCP started. But when the medicine joins the cancer do we have a cure?

    AAP seems to be a prop of the MCP. With all due credit to the MCP. Antonio Maino is a brilliant strategist. AAP was born to ensure BJP never gets back into power. Once the objective is achieved in 6 months time i.e. when the elections are over, Raul Vinci will be the PM and AAP will merge with Congress, all the big shots like Kedriwal will become part of the MCP and rake in their crores and a great country will continue to be plundered and looted for 100% selfish gains.

    I really hope I am wrong.


    • mikerana
      January 9, 2014

      Thank you very much for your comments and predictions


  8. mikerana
    January 8, 2014

    Angela, RS is a concept with no bounds, so I guess it will rope in people like Brahmakumari Shivani, Representatives of OSHO ..and they will make difference. Abraham I like your observations.


  9. Abraham J.Palakudy
    January 8, 2014

    Hi Mike, God initiative that you have conveyed your enlightened mind to the new, young leader of AAP !

    I would like to comment on your few oops items. The essence of Arvind’s movement was to initiate an altered politics, or even abandoning ‘politics’ from the peoples form of government, ie. democracy. He expressed it recently when he stated; ‘ the job of other political parties is to spend their entire time discussing issues like who would be the PM, totally ignoring country governance’.

    Our existing democracy is 99% politics, and 1% country governance. Politics simply is cleverly ‘using’ democracy to capture the POWER-THRONES once left-off by the masters of old authoritarian regimes. Arvind, in whatever he does and speak, is aimed at a shift from this old tradition of democratic politics, we should be patient, and allow him to manage the job in his own way ! Please do not criticize him for shunning red-beacons, VIP security, or luxury residences for him ! These are essential symbolic gestures showing his, as well as his country men’s aversion and even hatred towards the old kinds of politics !


  10. nina gupta
    January 7, 2014

    Very good points u highlighted in this.


  11. Angela Grant
    January 7, 2014

    Hi Mike, Will remodeled socialism get rid of the caste system?


    • mikerana
      January 9, 2014

      Dear Who cares, I do care …

      Hope your predictions go wrong. We must not criticize everything that someone does and shows results. we never questioned Congress or BJP for 66 years, why question AAP in 6 days. And they have done wonderful things already, unheard of in the Indian political history …


      • Angela Grant
        January 9, 2014

        Hi Mike,

        I hope so. How are you? How is your book doing? Lately, not much good news out of India on human rights, surprising given the strong sense of family and community.
        I often wonder what would eliminate corruption, ..maybe remodeled socialism. 🙂


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