Proposed Division of UP

80 percent revenue is generated in Western UP and paradoxically spent in Eastern UP. Bundelkhand can become very rich very soon. Is this a move to divert attention from under developed Eastern UP, and steer towards New Delhi. Eastern UP, the hub center of crime and under development will be subjected to increased poverty if this division takes place, but it will have own dedicated Chief Minister who will pass through the route of corruption for making money for himself before turning attention to bring in development. Citizens have 10 years to suffer before seeing any light of the day.

Our doctrine of earning somewhere but spending elsewhere, both on the national front and on the states, is causing heartburn. Earn in Bombay and spend in Delhi, Earn in UP and spend in Assam, find money for Bangalore from the FDIs. Something is a miss here, a fundamental cause of concern for the people of the land.

In 30 seconds, Mayavati passed the resolution and then adjourned the house … just as Pranab did it during the tabling of the lokpal bill


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